Increasing Projects Transparency

Resigning to focus on educating landowners affected by proposed energy projects.

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The Objective


In 2019, FERC was seeking a full redesign of its site and migration to Drupal 8. The new design was focus on educating landowners about FERC and how to get involved in the project approval process. Moreover, moving their process and infrastructure to a content management system for the first time. Mobomo took on the task of designing, developing, migrating their new site. Launching the new site in spring 2020.

My role was the lead UI/UX designer for this redesign project, while working with junior designer. Together, we work with key stakeholders to find ways to educate landowners regarding the project approval process. Including updating their navigation origination, bringing FERC's informative brochures to the web, and creating a better informational structure on pages. Conducting a series of user tests with real landowners effect by projects to validate our new approach.

  • Conducted UI & Content Audit to identifying the current components needed for the new design and then mapping current content to the new designs. 
  • Ran Open, Closed, & Reverse Card Sorts to reorganizing the site navigation to create information browsing by creating new top-level categories.
  • Wire-framed and designed over 24 unique templates starting out with rough sketching and iterated the ideas using Adobe XD.
  • Create interactive prototypes using Webflow to create more interactive feel across all devices.
  • User Tested the designs with remote user sessions using Zoom to connect 10 landowners across the United States. Also tested the general usability with Try My UI. Running two series of usability testing each mobile and desktop designs with 10 users each.
  • Created a Style Guide / Component Library of all the UI elements, components, and widgets that make up the site.

The Results


  • Improved the site's ease of use by offering a category just for landowners in the navigation, helped content browsing through use of mega menus, and reduced the number of navigation levels for 8 to 4.
  • Educated landowners on the process by incorporating their affective and informative print brochures into online guide to understand the process and their rights.
  • Increased project awareness through expanding their project database that highlighted project status, next steps, and news.
  • Modernized their content delivery by utilizing Drupal content management system by using dynamic components to delivery relevant content across the site.

Early Sketches

Early loose sketches of potential content types.

Final Design

Screenshots of FERC redesign




The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is the United States federal agency that regulates the transmission and wholesale sale of electricity and natural gas in interstate commerce and regulates the transportation of oil by pipeline in interstate commerce.