Unifying All of NOAA Fisheries

In 2016, Mobomo help NOAA Fisheries unit their 15 regional web properties into a single award winning site.

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Lead UI/UX Designer


NOAA Fisheries


NOAA Fisheries is a U.S. government agency that is responsible for making sure we don’t overfish nor hurt declining species. NOAA Fisheries oversees five U.S. coastal regions with each regional office managing their own site consisting of research, data, permits, regulations, and news.

Our Objective


In 2016, NOAA Fisheries was seeking to optimize their web presence by uniting 15 regional web properties into a single site. Mobomo took on the task of designing, developing, and migrating over 7,000,000 files and launching the new site 2018.

Scott was the lead UI/UX designer for the project. Working with key stakeholders across their five regional offices. Scott analyzed and gather the initiation requirements across the 15 websites. Focusing on creating a central resource of all information regarding NOAA Fisheries. Engaging with various user types and usability tests to ensure the new design was user-friendly to navigate and to find information.

  • Audited all properties content & Foresee feedback to identify the type of content and issues there were with the site.
  • Ran Open, Closed, & Reverse Card Sorts in rebuilding the site navigation from the ground up. Running usability tests using Optional Workshop with over 100 users in creating and validating the new site structure.
  • Wireframed and designed over 24 unique templates required to build the site.
  • Create interactive prototypes using Webflow to providing better insight into how the site will work and look on all devices.
  • Interactive Designs
  • User Tested the designs with remote user sessions using Zoom to connect 30+ users in Alaska, Hawaii, East and West Coast.
  • Created a Style Guide / Component Library of all the UI elements, components, and widgets that make up the site.

The Results



  • Successfully launched in 2018
  • Received a Webby Award (2019), W3 Silver Award (2019), and a Muse Crease Award (2018).
  • Help implemented Mobomo's first living style guide, which reduced our css file size by 83%.
  • Increased NOAA Fisheries user satisfaction from 68% to 75%
  • 14% increase in unique traffic

Early Wireframes

Collection of early wireframes