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A modern way for high schools sports to manage, communicate, and share across their community.

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Screenshot of the homepage template

The Objective


Brllnt was hired to redesign Big Teams theme, which high-schools athletic programs could customize, manage, and promote their school's team. The goal was to create a responsive theme that could be customize for each high school. The Big Teams theme was very robust that offered admins, students, and parents to check out scores, calendars, social wall, media galleries and more.

My role was the lead UI/UX designer, which I wireframed out all the order pages using UXpin. Then I created a pattern lab for the devs to use to design out the website. This was my first attempt on using a pattern lab to build out the designs over designing over every individual page.

The Results



The original wireframes where completed in SASS called UXpin. They were the base structure that the component library filled in. Sadly they were lost over the years.

Homepage Design

Screenshot of the hompage

Style Guide & Component Library

screenshot of the big teams style guide


Big Teams


BigTeams develops athletic websites for high schools in both the United States and Canada. These websites allow coaches and athletic directors to update sports related content for the public such as rosters, news, photos, and schedules.